Some people enjoy celebrating the long weekend by heading to the great outdoors and sleeping beneath the stars. But for those of us who prefer our weekends without mosquitoes, we’re offering Albertans the opportunity to get blissfully muddy, to unwind and reconnect with the Earth, and to start their week flawlessly tanned — without having to sleep in a tent.

Get Muddy at Cactus Club & Spa.

While your friends are out in the wild getting covered in a wet, cold muck, we invite you to get muddy right here in our opulent oasis. Our Moor Mud Body Wraps are made from the highest quality, black peat, which is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. This healing mud is generously lathered over your body, stimulating your body’s circulation to ease your muscles and vanquish stress.

Perfect, Sun-Kissed Glow.

For many Albertans, May Long Weekend marks the cultural beginning of summer. With the hot, sunny days just around the corner, it’s natural to want to start the season with a beautiful tan. Unfortunately, sunbathing outdoors or in UV tanning beds both cause irreversible damage to your skin that contributes to wrinkling and potentially cancer. Exposure to UV, both naturally or artificially, is responsible for almost all visible skin aging. Which is why at Cactus Club and Spa, you’ll find a state-of-the-art sunless tanning booth. Using the high-tech, St. Tropez Airbrush, our estheticians create a flawless, fast-drying tan by hand — without any UV.

Earth’s Healing Touch.

At Cactus Club & Spa, we love embracing ancient wisdom from around the world. One of our favourite primordial healing therapies is hot stone massage. Our certified massage therapists, slowly heat smooth basalt stones to just the right temperature, and then place the warmed stones onto specific points of your body, allowing the deep heat within the rock to draw away stiffness, dissolve tension, and relax your body. This treatment is quickly become a favourite amongst our clients, but it is not always covered by insurance plans.

We completely understand why Albertans love reconnecting with nature. It can be a grounding experience that helps you to release anxieties and re-establish equilibrium. This weekend, come find the best of nature — from moor mud to hot, basalt stones — right here at Cactus Club & Spa, and enjoy your May Long in luxury.