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Cactus Club Salon and Spa stylists are educated in the best cutting, colouring and styling techniques to ensure you get expert care and the latest, healthiest products every time you come in. Our colourists offer full application, double process colour, retouching, ombré and balayage styles.
Whether you are looking for full application colouring or bleaching, or a retouch of your favourite colour, our world-class stylists will customize a rich, healthy colour.


Calura Colouring System

Our Calura colouring system uses proprietary exothermic technology to maximize colour penetration without the odour and irritation associated with the ammonia that conventional products use. We purposely explored every professional product on the market to discover this Canadian owned colour line created by Oligo Professional. The Calura system offers ultimate white/grey coverage, superior conditioning and longer lasting shades, because beautiful hair should never compromise the health of your hair and scalp. The combination of antioxidants, keratin, avocado, primrose and pomegranate oils nourish and hydrate your hair to provide a radiant, long lasting shine.


Meaning “shade” or “shadow” in the original French, Ombré refers to the gradual blending of one colour hue to another. This dramatic, two-toned colour effect is typically darker at the top and lighter on the bottom. The darker top section usually matches your natural colour and the bottom section is lightened, so it requires little to no touch up as it grows. This look is versatile, customizable and suitable for long and medium length hair.


Balayage highlights are hand painted or “swept” along the surface of the hair from the roots teasing the richest colours to the ends. Concentrated on the surface of the hair, this technique leaves the underside darker, resulting in a natural effect that mimics a sun-kissed look. Balayage can be done on any hair colour and is beautiful on long and medium length hair.

With ombré, there is a clear fade line between the colours while balayage highlights blend seamlessly into your natural colour. Like ombré, balayage needs little touching up as it grows. For a complexion boosting glow, try balayage combined with conventional highlights close to your face or with baby-lights around the face and hairline.

Our stylists are constantly being trained by world-class educators to provide you with the best cutting, colouring and styling techniques. To enjoy the playful atmosphere and specialty coffee during your full application hair colouring, call Cactus Club Salon & Spa at (587) 609-6048 or email [email protected]

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