Massages of all types are amazingly good for you. Studies have shown that massage helps people to destress, promoting a calm state of mind. In both adults and infants, massage also aids with relaxation and sleep — which is something almost all Albertans can use more of! Massage may even offer pain relief and anxiety reduction to some patients recovering from surgery or fighting cancer! The healing power of touch is pretty phenomenal, which is why our team at Cactus Club Salon & Spa are proud to offer Albertans a safe, professional massage experience.


What is Hot Stone Massage?

Since ancient times, humans have understood the healing ability of heat to ease tension from sore muscles. Hot stone massage originated in North America with Indigenous healers who would heat smooth, flat stones in a fire before carefully placing them on certain points on the body. Today, the volcanic rock basalt is largely used by professional massage therapists, but we don’t heat the stones in fire anymore. Instead, we used more precise technology to warm the stones to between 50.0 and 52.8 °C. If at any point you find the stones too warm, our professionals will adjust the temperature to your comfort.


The heated basalts are placed along your spine, on your chest, legs, face, or feet, and held in your palms. Your registered massage therapist may also hold the stones in their own hands and use them to knead and work your muscles.


Sometimes, as a complement to hot stone massage, cold stone massage is also used. This massage technique uses cooled pieces of marble to reduce inflammation and promote healing of an injury.


Professional Massage at Cactus Club & Spa.

Cactus Club Salon & Spa is home to a wonderful team of four registered massage therapists who are ready to help you with all your massage needs. Professional and friendly, our massage therapists provide Albertans with a variety of massage services. Therapeutic, prenatal, and relaxation massages are three of our most popular massage treatments, and they’re often fully or partially covered by private health care plans. However, our hot stone massage are becoming a favourite with our clients as well. We invite you to schedule a massage at our spa and discover why for yourself!


During the winter months, there is nothing more relaxing and luxurious than a hot stone massage. The gentle, therapeutic movements paired with a thawing heat that sinks into your skin and warms you to the bone is a truly divine experience during the depths of winter. If the cold has your joints and muscles feeling stiff or your mood down, treat yourself to a hot stone massage at Cactus Club Salon & Spa today! We’ll have you feel warm and content in a jiffy.