With summer comes heat, humidity and vacations. Many people get the itch to cut their hair short and face the heat with a fresh, new look. There are many good reasons to cut your hair before summer.

Improve Hair Health: Cutting your hair will remove damaged ends caused by colouring, heat styling and cold winter weather. Freshly cut hair tends to look fuller and healthier and has a chance to grow back stronger.

Reduce Hair Maintenance: A short haircut can reduce the time needed to get ready in the morning. Short hair is generally easier to manage taking less time to wash, requiring fewer products, quicker to blow dry and needing less primping. This gives you more time to hang out at the beach, sit on the deck with a glass of lemonade, or bask in the sun.

Stay Cool in the Heat: The last thing you need when summer temperatures rise is heavy, long, hair sticking to your neck and back. A short haircut will result in less bulk and give you relief from the heat.

A Chance for Creativity: A short cut encourages you to play around with adornments that you might not have considered; headbands, pins, barrettes and clips. Take the chance to discover new ways to use the many hair accessories available.

Feel Free and Renewed: There is something energizing about the experience of trying a new haircut. A fresh summer style can be symbolic of a new start, a new chapter, a time of personal growth. A small change can have a huge impact on the way you view yourself and the world.

Chance to do Good: Consider donating your hair. Your new, short, style can be a fresh start for you and provide a fresh start for someone else. Salons are familiar with the donating process and can help in choosing where to send your hair.

Change is Good: Change is an essential ingredient in a healthy lifestyle. If you have been feeling stagnant, let a short and flirty summer style give your life the change you need.

It Grows Back: If you are attached to your long hair and nervous about trying a shorter haircut, don’t worry. If your summer haircut turns out to be less than you had hoped for, remember that it will grow back.

Be impulsive this summer and try a short, stylish haircut. Make it fun and flirty. Try an asymmetrical bob, side-swept fringe, curly shag or a classic pixie cut. Go for a sophisticated look or try something a little wild. It will save you time, keep you cool, improve the health of your hair, and renew your outlook.

If you are ready to try a short cut for summer or looking for ideas for a new style, call Cactus Club Salon at (587) 609-6048 or Email info@cactusclubsalonspa.com Cactus Club’s professional stylists can help you find the perfect look.