Skin can be complicated. You can have acne along your hairline but dry, red cheeks and chapped lips. It’s a conundrum! How is a person supposed to treat excess oil and excess dryness at the same time?! With the help of a professional skin therapist at Cactus Club Salon & Spa, of course.

Skin Mapping Analysis.

Using a revolutionary approach to skin mapping, our professional skin therapists use comprehensive techniques to analyze the skin on your face, back, and anywhere else you’re struggling to keep your skin smooth and beautiful. Armed with information about your unique skin, we’re able to create a custom treatment plan and at home skin-care regime to help you get the glowing, gorgeous visage you deserve.

Advanced Professional Treatments.

From our Pro 30 Skin Treatment, which targets just one problem area, to our comprehensive Advanced Pro 90 Skin Treatment, we offer fully customized facial skin treatments. With every appointment, you’ll meet with our skin therapists who will assess how your skin treatments have progressed and create a new custom facial just for you. Whether you have specific areas of concern, such as fine lines, dehydration, excess oil, or exfoliation, or you’re just looking to maintain your skin’s healthy radiance, we have the treatment for you.

Cactus Club Salon Signature Skin Treatment.

Take 90 minutes to indulge in a customized facial with all the essentials for healthy skin complemented by a luxurious, extended massage. The best skin treatment in the world is relaxation, and you’ll find that at Cactus Club and Salon.

Everyday Skin Care.

Between facial treatments, it’s important to carefully follow your at home skin-care regime. Your skin therapist will work with you to hear your priorities and concerns. Together, you will develop a skin care plan that is crafted to best meet the needs of your unique body. For noticeably younger-looking, healthy skin, don’t forget that sunscreen lotion!

Our harsh Albertan winter can wreak havoc on your skin. If you’re feeling no amount of care can stop the itch or banish blemishes, we’re here to help. Our team of skin care professionals defend your skin from the bitter cold and excessive dryness. Give us a call and book your treatment today.